About us


COVERA was set up in March 1946 under the expressive name of “Comptoir Verrier Anversois”.
During the initial years, it was the “fish packers” in particular who found their way to the Antwerp Docks where they could find the suitable jar for their merchandise.
An important milestone was realised in 1963 when plastic packaging was added to COVERA’s range. In addition to food industry customers, customers from other industries could also be supplied with suitable products.

Development and innovation are essential for the evolution of every healthy company. With an eye firmly on the details, we, therefore, continuously work on a range that fits in as well as possible with the requirements and preferences of our customers.

COVERA works in partnership with a number of important European manufacturers to achieve this.
We can also develop and market our own customer models as well as an extensive range of standard products because of our close cooperation with these producers.


Covera Packaging gives content to your packaging solutions

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