Oil and sauce bottles

Oil and sauce bottles

For cold and hot filling of your sauces we would like to introduce our range of squeeze and sauce bottles. Our squeeze bottles meet the high-quality requirements related to safety, quality and ergonomics that are common in the retail food sector. Our series of multilayer bottles (PP/EVOH/PP) are insensitive to oxygen and ensure long-term storage without oxidation. In addition, we have a range of glass sauce bottles with at least a TOC38 closure.

General properties

  • PP/EVOH/PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP or glass
  • For the squeeze bottles: different types of flip top caps are available: with or without IHS, with different orifices, snap-on or screw lid and with or without a valve
  • For the glass bottles: metal screw lids are available
  • Content: from 250 ml to 3 l

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