Canisters from 250 ml to 30 l


We carry both stackable and non-stackable jerrycans in our range. Both variants are also available as a UN-certified version.

Our jerrycans are made of HDPE and are suitable for different applications. They can be deployed without issue in the food sector. They can be supplied in different weights and can have different opening solutions: 45 – 51 – 55 – 60 and 70.

In addition, we carry jerrycans with an visibility line, double opening (vented closure), fluorinated canisters and models that can be equipped with a pouring unit.

General properties

  • Stackable and non-stackable HDPE jerrycans
  • UN- and non-UN-certified models
  • From 250 ml to 30 l
  • With different opening solutions and available in different weights
  • Accessories: metering pumps, valves, pouring units, sealable caps, degassing caps, child-proof closures

``Jerrycans can be supplied from 250 ml to 30 l and in a stackable or non-stackable version!``

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